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DVD releases for Tuesday, December 2nd!

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Happy December!!! Are you ready for a Family Movie Night!!! We will keep off the month of December with new DVD releases for Tuesday, December 2nd! Are any of the movies on this list something you have been wanting to see? Some of these would make awesome Christmas gifts for people on your list! 

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

When a band of determined humans survives the devastating effects of a deadly virus that was unleashed on the planet only ten years earlier, they are still viewed as a threat to Caesar?s nation of genetically superior apes. Although both sides reach a half-hearted peace agreement, it doesn't take long before they're fully immersed in yet another battle to determine which species will prove to be the dominant force on the planet Earth. It's a battle like no other, where brute force goes up against a group of humans who are struggling to maintain the superior status that they've held for so long.

The Hundred-Foot Journey 

Hasan Kadam is a talented chef who has a bright future in the culinary world. When his family is forced out of India, Kadam relocates them to a charming town in the south of France. The town seems perfect for a restaurant that specializes in Indian cuisine and a good place to relocate his family. That is until the proprietor of a Michelin starred French cuisine restaurant discovers Kadam's plans to open across the street. Madame Mallory makes life difficult for the new arrivals and engages an all out war on the new establishment. Then Mallory's sous chef discovers Kadam's passion for French food and the pair create a new infused menu that even the stubborn Mallory cannot ignore. Eventually Mallory becomes a mentor to Kadam when she finally realizes Kadam's true gift as a chef.

As Above, So Below

The Paris catacombs are one of the most famous graveyards in the world. Despite its fame, there are large sections of the catacombs that have gone unmapped or unexplored for centuries. In trying to shed light on this dark maze, a team of British and American explorers has set out to map and explore the final resting place of an untold number of souls underneath the city of Paris. However, as the team starts to explore the massive labyrinth of bones, they begin to feel like they are not alone. This fear is compounded as they one by one begin to experience seemingly paranormal hallucinations. The further the team goes, the more they begin to realize that the catacombs were built to house more than the remains of the living. A dark secret lives in the shadows, and fighting their fears and trying to keep their sanity, they search for a way out.

The Congress

Robin Wright is an actress that is aging fast and is losing work. Many have turned down working with her or hiring her due to her difficult to work with reputation. Also, laying another heavy burden on her shoulders, she has been struggling to support her son, who is sick and is losing his sight. In the midst of this, arranged by her agent and friend Al, she is offered the chance to sell her likeness, as well as her career, to film studio Miramount. As part of the agreement, she will never be able to act again. She agrees to sell the rights to her digital self, and promises to never act again. Attending the ?Futurological Congress?, a conference about new technology, she discovers a way to manipulate and animated version of herself. As her contract ends, Miramount has decided to sell her likeness to a group called ?punters,? who wish to use her likeness for themselves. Eventually becoming an advocate, Robin is eventually frozen until a cure for mental illness can be found.

The Hero Of Color City

In this animated tale, Ben is whisked away to Color City, a brightly-hued fantasy world populated by his crayons, each time he falls asleep. One night, timid crayon Yellow is left behind and accidentally awakens two drawings Ben has left unfinished. The drawings, King Scrawl and Gnat, follow Yellow to Color City and plot an evil take over that will drain all color from the town. Yellow must overcome her fears and seek the help of her diverse friends, Green, Red, Blue and the Black and White twins, to stop King Scrawl and Gnat. She discovers she is much braver than she ever knew.

Jingle All The Way 2

It's Christmas time and all little Noel wants is The Harrison Bear, which just so happens to be the most in-demand toy! When her father, Larry, finds this out he wants to be the one to give her the bear. Unfortunately, The Harrison Bear is sold out and Noel's stepfather will do everything in his power to prevent Larry from finding one. But Larry will stop at nothing to make Noel's Christmas wish come true!

Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It

Get ready for another crazy adventure of questionable legality with the Trailer Park boys. Ex convict Julian finds himself free from prison, but without any money. Tired of living off of petty crimes, he hatches a plan. To get rich, he must travel to Montreal to make a deal with his enemy Cyrus. At the same time, Ricky's marijuana grow operation is about to lose it's profitability as the Canadian government announces a deal for marijuana legalization. Ricky travels to Ottawa, hoping that his pleas to keep the drug illegal will keep his drug operation profitable. As Ricky tries to convince the Canadian government to halt their decriminalization of marijuana, Bubbles joins him on the journey in order to receive his parent's inheritance. However, they're pursued by the Ex-Park Supervisor Lahey and his shirtless croney Randy. With a thirst for revenge against the trio, the pair hopes to lock all three of their former chargers locked up, and will follow the Trailer Park boys to Parliament Hill to ensure justice.

The Strain Season 1

New York City dweller Dr Ephraim Goodweather is the leader of the city's branch of the Centers for Disease Control. To his horror, his team of doctors and researchers are engaged to discover the mysteries of a strange virus plaguing the bustling metropolis. The symptoms and signs of infection point to an evil and extremely old form of vampirism. As the disease runs rampant, Dr Goodweather and his team must work with some of the citizens of New York to preserve the human race and protect themselves from the blood-thirsty infected.

Broad City Season 1

Ilana is 22, and she doesn't have much ambition. Her fondness for marijuana and innate laziness often get her into trouble in her sales job, where she's known for taking excessively long breaks. Abbi is 26, and she works at a fitness center in a janitorial capacity, though she wants to be a trainer. Ilana and Abbi are best friends who live in New York City. These friends are different from each other in many ways, but they have a strong relationship, and they are always making each other laugh. They are the constant that keep each other's lives sane.

Gutshot Straight

When a gambler finds himself way over his head in debt, he realizes that he needs to make some quick cash. In steps a high roller with the money to make all of his financial problems disappear. But the money comes at a very high cost and suddenly the man realizes that he's just gambled with his very own life...and the lives of everyone he loves. Unless fate delivers a winning hand, he could lose everything.

Sawa is a woman who has lived her entire life in a corrupt society. Crime runs rampant and gangs are everywhere. The cops can do little to stop the tide of criminals that run things. Her parents are killed in a brutal murder. Sawa's father was a police officer trying to staunch the flow of criminals in the city, so when he's murdered, Sawa turns to her father's former partner, Karl Aker. She joins forces with a friend from her past to become an assassin to find the people who murdered her parents.

Justified: Season 5

Unconventional Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens confronting the crimes of the Crowder family. Raylan tries to protect Ava Crowder from the rest of her family after she shoots abusive husband Bowman. Raylan shoots her brother, Boyd Crowder in a stand-off. However, Boyd survives and decides to change his ways. Crowder family patriarch Bo is released from prison, set upon building the family drug trade business. He also intends to go after Arlo, Raylan's father, who cheated him out of some money. After Bo is released, Boyd gets off on a technicality. As Bo attempts to dominate the drug trade, Boyd gathers a group of reformed criminals and trains them to explode meth houses in the area. Raylan continues to visit Harlan, handling various small crimes and shootings. Bo promises to deliver Raylan to Gio's niece and nephew for a large drug shipment. Boyd finds out and has the truck carrying the shipment blown up. Bo is then held accountable for the incident. Bo goes to Boyd's camp and threatens to kill his son. However, instead of killing him, offers him the opportunity to leave the group.

The Simpsons: Season 17 

"The Simpsons" follows the lives of the Simpson family, along with dozens of other characters living in the fictional city of Springfield. Homer Simpson works in a nuclear power plant to support his family, where he frequently makes mistakes. Bart is Homer's son and the other primary character in the series. He is known for causing trouble, making prank calls and saying funny one-liners. Marge is Homer's loyal wife, the mother of Bart and daughters Lisa and Maggie. "The Simpsons" relies on its supporting cast more so than any other show in TV history. Because it is an animated program, there are a massive amount of characters who interact with the Simpsons. Some of the most popular supporting characters include Seymour Skinner, (the principal of Springfield Elementary), Apu (the proprietor of the Kwik-E-Mart) and Chief Clancy Wiggum (the incompetent chief of the Springfield police.

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  1. I remember the tv show, Planet of the Apes, when I was a kid and kid you not, it scared the crap out of me! LOL! I'm too chicken to watch the movie. But definitely love family movie night and Amazon has great prices.