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Hello, First we want to Thank ALL of you for visiting our website and reading through some of our reviews. It is important to us that we get an honest opinion out there for the consumer, because let's face it, we are ALL consumers and want to know more about the products before we buy them. So a little bit about us. We are a husband and wife team devoted to our marriage, children, which we have five of, and our Faith. We have recently given our lives to Christ after a rugged past. Don't worry, nothing criminal...LOL We understand that everyone goes down that path of confusion and our confusing life was started when we lost our first daughter back in April of 2000. It took a lot of time for us to put our trust back in Christ, but after 11 years, we were able to finally let go of the unknown and trust that God knows what he is doing in our lives. With that said, yes, we are Christians, but we are not preachy, we just treat others as God would expect us to treat them.

My name is Chris and I am a 39 year old veteran from the Marine Corps. I was a paralegal for the OSJA (Office of the Staff Judge Advocate), in Yuma, Az. back in 1993. I was let go from the Marines because I was, how do we say, opinionated, which works great in our blogging, but not so much in the Marine Corps. I am a college graduate with a Corrections Certificate (4.0 GPA) and an Associates of Applied Science in Criminal Justice (3.95 GPA). I am currently working on my Bachelor's of Fire Science and hope to one day be employed as a Police Officer for the great city of Maricopa, AZ, which is where we live.

The Love of my life, my wife Misty, being nutty...LOL

My wife and I have been together for 16 years, which is uncommon this day and age and have been married for almost 14 years. As I stated, we have 5 children from ages 10 all the way down to 2- 3 year olds. We have 4 boys and 1 daughter, so of course I won't have to worry when she starts dating at 25...LOL

We are a fun loving family and love to get out and do all kinds of things together. I am currently introducing our 10 year old to hunting and he hasn't shot his own animal yet, but is already a hunting addict. He also loves to play his video games.

Our daughter is the creative one, she loves to draw and sing and her imagination is something spectacular.

Our 6 year old is the beef of the kids. He has muscles where this old man didn't know muscles could be...LOL He is extremely strong and active and this is an open book for him to excel at sports or whatever interests he has.

Our twin boys are our entertainment. They have become so independent and attempt to role play life in their own little minds. Sometimes it is quite hilarious. The old adage, "kids say the darndest things" rings true for these two.

Now for the final member of our family, my wife. Why is she last you ask? Because, you always save the best for last. My wife, Misty, is the rock that keeps this family going. He strengths are incorporated into everything. She can do it all and unlike me, she has the patience to see it through, no matter how stressful the situation is. She is 32 years young, because you can't say "old" around her...LOL She also dealt with some God defining issues when she was young. At 17, it was her first day of work and 15 minutes before she got off of work, her mother passed away from Congestive Heart Failure. It was very taxing on her because she felt that if she had been at home, then maybe her mother would have been in her life just a little longer.

We have both come to understand that God did not do these things to punish us but to save those that were suffering from illness a life of pain. So now, we just live each day as if it is the end because, we are not promised tomorrow. 

Thank You for reading!!!


  1. Your "About Us" page is empty! :(

  2. Kimberly, Thank you for the comment and please understand that we have only been up for about 2 weeks and we haven't journeyed through each area of the blogging site yet. We just wanted to make sure first and foremost that we kept the blog going, but now it's done and we hope you enjoy. Have a Blessed Day!!