Friday, November 21, 2014

Lock, Stock and One Smokin' Barrel! Kiss InstaWave Review #holidaygiftguide

Disclosure: I received the KISS InstaWave and Brandbacker for free for review purpose. No other form of compensation was received. My opinions are my own.

I have been a fan of KISS products most of my life, but I know them best for their nail products. I was so excited to learn that KISS had branched out into hair styling products too. I was recently given the opportunity to review the amazing KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler. 

My daughter has a gorgeous head of long, thick, straight hair and we love playing around and fixing it up, especially during the holidays. She loves having beautiful curls and doesn't mind spending and hour or so letting my style her hair. 

KISS InstaWave is a fully automatic tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful curls

Easy for anyone to use, from any angle, with any hand

Features a Curl Dial with left/right curl directions

Automatically shuts off after 90 minutes

2 heat settings with a low/high switch with maximum temperature of 420

As you can see, the KISS InstaWave is not your ordinary curling iron. It's an amazing hair styling tool that takes your hair from ordinary to extraordinary. You don't have to be a professional hair stylist to get beautiful results. 

The packaging really catches your attention and shows you how to easily use the KISS InstaWave right on the front. 

Features a Curl Dial with left/right curl directions

2 heat settings with a low/high switch with maximum temperature of 420

I love the indicator light! It's a beautiful red when the InstaWave is turned on letting you know that it's heating up. 

When it turns to the stunning blue, it's ready for use. 

Want to know how easy it is to use the KISS InstaWave? 

Hold InstaWave vertically

Simply place section of hair on the InstaWave curling rod

Touch the Curl Dial either left or right, and the InstaWave instantly and automatically catches and curls the hair

Hold for 5-10 seconds, hold longer for tighter curls and less for beachy waves

Pull the InstaWave down vertically, letting hair out

That's it!!! Amazing right? 

This is just a small section of my daughter's thick hair. It usually takes me about 15 minutes to curl, but with the KISS InstaWave, it only took me 5 minutes to produce these gorgeous curls. 

You can't tell from the pic, but she is loving this. We are only about 15 minutes in and I am almost done. This is an Amazing Curler!!! Not only is it so simple and easy to use, but it cuts down on your styling time too. 

The temperature has remained steady and we haven't had the first issue. Each curl has wound itself effortlessly and released with no pulling. 

I was able to do all of this one handed while taking pictures! 

Just a few more strands to do. The curls are amazing and holding up so well. I have not used the first bit of styling product in her hair at all. 

Look at all of those gorgeous curls!!! Thanks to the KISS InstaWave, we accomplished this in only 25 minutes. Less than half the time it normally takes to curl her hair. 

Who wouldn't love curls like this? You can have them too!!! The KISS InstaWave would make a wonderful gift for the women in your life that love styling thier hair. DOn't forget to get one for your favorite Hair Stylist too! They will thank you!!!

KISS Hair Appliances
Kiss Products, the global leader in the nail care industry has expanded its line to include a vast array of beauty care products, including hair appliances. They are set to revolutionize the hair appliances industry by providing highly innovative, salon quality products at consumer friendly prices. By keeping up-to-date with the latest consumer trends and technology in hair care, Kiss always aims to elevate their products to the next level.

You can purchase the KISS InstaWave for only $59.95 and I promise you, it is worth it! 

KISS InstaWave is also available at Target, Amazon and Ulta Beauty

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  1. Pretty curls. I'd love to try this. My hair used to be curly but it changed after kids and now is just barely wavey.