Thursday, November 20, 2014

Grunt Style Clothing: Kickin Ass and Makin it Wearable

Never before have a I come across such bad-assery in clothing than when I came across Grunt Style. This is a company that is made up of Veterans who embrace the love for Freedom for all Americans. They promote health and well-being by constantly reminding us to get out and PT. Their love for Bacon is unprecedented, but all bullshit aside, Grunt Style staff has seen the horrors of what our young men and women face everyday while overseas serving to protect each and everyone of us. 

 Not only is the Grunt Style staff, veterans supporting veterans by providing employment, they also understand what the American veterans and Patriots of this great country are looking for when they buy clothing; the American folks want quality products made by an American company with an American guarantee to go along with those products. With Grunt Style, you get exactly that!!! Your shirt, hoodie, beanie, etc... is made right here in the good ol' US of A. They also have a guarantee that is equally impressive, it is known as the "Beer Guarantee". 

Here is their "Beer Guarantee" word for word 

"What is the Beer Guarantee? It's our Too Easy return policy. Your Grunt Style shirts are covered for life. Including tears, holes, loose threads, beer stains, and even blood stains from defending the American Flag from terrorists. Need a different size? Just send it back to us including the size you need." 

Like I said, there is that American Guarantee that you are not buying a product that is going to end up as bullshit because it shrinks down after it's washed, Nope, if your shirt shrinks, you have two options, (1) Get Out and PT and lose the extra weight or (2) Send it back for a bigger size. 

Why else should you choose Grunt Style? Being veterans, their minds are continually thinking about those brothers in sisters in arms overseas fighting to maintain our Freedoms and Liberties here at home. They show their concern by wearing RED on Fridays. Why RED you ask? RED stands for "Remembering Everyone Deployed".

If you have never served or been the family member of a person that is serving, you will not understand the concern of the well-being of these individuals. While we may not always agree with the reasons behind why we go where we are needed, we, as soldiers, Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, follow our orders in the hopes that one day, we will be able to come back home and that which we did while we were gone did some good for America and her people. 

While I am not that lean 19 year old Marine that I was back in '92, the love that I have for God, Country and Corps, will never change. So this means the love that I have for those fighting for each of these will also never change. 

I have quite a few Grunt Style t-shirts and eventually will replace all my non-grunt style shirts with a Grunt Style shirt or hoodie because those who support their veterans, I will equally support!!!


  1. Hey this is John over at Grunt Style! Give me a call at 877-554-7868 when you can, we would like to personally thank you for this review!

    1. It was an Honor speaking with the staff at Grunt Style today. Even in the middle of a huge transition, they were very kind, professional, and patient as they attempted to locate the mysterious "John". As I spoke with John, you could feel the heartfelt "Thanks" for discussing their company, and as a Veteran, the "Thanks" was all mine.

      Veterans today are having a much tougher time trying to transition from a military state of mind to that of a civilian state of mind. For those that have never seen war, it is an image all to hard to forget and many times this is the onset of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Grunt Style helps to alleviate some of those issues by providing employment to veterans making the transition easier. As military members, when we have something to do that requires order and chain of command, the transition is simpler and working for a company that is built by veterans for veterans allows for a greater reduction in issues that may have been part of an onset from military fighting.

      Make no mistake, as a veteran, I fully support Grunt Style and everything they do for our American fighting men and women, so if you're offended by some of their gear, just do what some of their shirts say "Embrace the Suck" and continue moving forward because being politically correct has gotten us into a world of mass butt-hurt. Be yourself, say what you want because all of us veterans fight to make sure that you have that Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech.

      Thank you Grunt Style and Thank You John for all the wonderful comments that you shared with us today, now I'm going to go have a bacon sammich!!!

  2. OMG!! I so want the 'suck it up buttercup' shirt! Thanks for all the awesome pics and great review. I LIKE this company. Love places that are US based and help our military.

  3. About to buy a few shirts. From your experience, do they shrink after the 1st wash? Should I go up a size?

  4. JasonL, in my experience, these shirts do not shrink after the first wash, but they do shrink after a few washes. I would recommend going up a shirt size to allow for shrinkage, but the great thing is, Grunt Style has the "Beer Guarantee" which means you can send your shirt back and get a new one for any reason.

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