Wednesday, October 22, 2014

PSE Fire-Flite 33 Compound Bow

I grew up sort of late in life since I really didn't have a father figure in my life, so with that, I started hunting later in life as well. I think I was 27 when I finally when on my first hunt and took my first buck. After that moment, I became hooked. Buck Fever set in and every year I was out in the woods or up in the stand. It didn't matter whether it was sunny, rainy, cold or warm, I was out and waiting for the recreation of excitement of hunting for sport and food. Nothing in this world makes a man feel like a man than being able to go out into the wild and harvest their own food. Over the years and a few misses, I have learned that the Indian word "Vegetarian" means "bad hunter".

But, no matter if I came home with a kill or not, the experience was ever-growing in my life. My first few years were rifle hunting only. Later on, I moved to Michigan and the lower part of Michigan means that you hunt with either bow, black powder, or shotgun; so of course I ended up going shotgun hunting. Wanting to be out in the woods more and increasing my chances of bagging that "Monster Buck", I began to introduce myself into bow hunting. My first bow was a Bear compound bow and I could shoot the balls off a fly from about 55 yards out. It was extremely accurate and well, your first bow will always be your first. 

Years later, I decided to change it up a bit and went for a newer model and design bow. I went to Cabela's and bought my first bow, a PSE Fire-Flite 33 Model. It has a 60 lb. draw and an 80 lb. let off and the arrows fly through the air with a whisper. 

I haven't been able to get out as much lately due to being out of work for so long and attending college at 40 years old. Financially, it's just not feasible. But, whenever the chance arises and I have the opportunity, I always head straight for the woods. Being a good ol' redneck from the south, I picked up a few habits that are somewhat questionable, but for a "Man Cave", they would be completely acceptable. One term while in school I had an Instructor that was out of Alabama. He was redneck to the "T" and he didn't believe that any rednecks lived in Michigan. Now while I am not from Michigan originally, I did live there for 9 years and utilized some of my redneck habits when it was too cold to head outdoors. 

Now while I don't suggest doing this in your home, because it could make the little lady angry if you miss the target or drive the kids or pets nuts because Daddy's doing dangerous stuff in the home, I do encourage anyone that is reading this to give bow shooting a try. It's exciting, fun, allows for a bond with the kids, and can be done anytime of the year. 

Since I have only used a PSE Bow, I really don't have any comparisons for you, so all I can give is my review of how well it has handled for me. It fits very comfortable for my frame and is very easily transported. After I set up the initial sights for it, accuracy became like second nature. Currently I can hit a target at approximately 70 yards out, but the last attempt was almost a year ago since when we moved I had to get rid of some items and my target was one of those items.  

Not only is bow shooting fun and exciting and helps to increase the relationship between friends and family, it's also a great form of exercise. As you become more comfortable using the PSE Fire-Flite, the constant pulling back of the string will build muscles in your arms, ultimately making you stronger and healthier. 

So, when you're heading out to go shoot and your wife or girlfriend asks what you think you are doing, just look them in the eyes and tell them you are going to exercise...How can they argue with that?

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