Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Food Glorious Food (Five Guys Review)

 My first review is one that has been waiting for the Man Cave, it is one of my visit to one of the, if I may say, World's BEST Burger Restaurants; Five Guys. As my family and I traveled across the southern half of the US on our move to Georgia, we came across numerous signs advertising "Five Guys Burgers and Fries". It finally hit us, we were hungry, so we decided to stop and give this new restaurant a try. While I say "new", Five Guys was new to us, but they have been around since 1986 when Five Guys began their journey into business. Through the '80's and '90's, Five Guys was able to perfect their burgers which are cooked in Pure Peanut Oil.

Notice near the center of the picture the huge bags of peanuts for any and all who want them.
As we stopped off for a bite, we were in awe at the cleanliness of the restaurant and how quickly the staff was moving to make sure that their restaurant visitors received their orders as quickly as possible while making sure their burgers retained their juiciness. We placed our order and found our table. We were later approached by a gentleman that introduced us to the Five Guys Peanuts which are all over the restaurant in huge white boxes. He told us that these peanuts were placed out like this for the visitor to have as many as they wanted and what to do with the shells once the peanut was shucked...."throw it on the floor" He said. He told us that that was what they wanted their customers to do. Still in shock over this comment, we watched and yes, he was right, people were shucking their shells right off the table onto the floors. Being able to do this just created a relaxed environment where you could leave your cares outside the door and just be as messy as you want and I have to say, the customers that we had contact with were some of the friendliest and down to earth folks we have ever come across. Was it because of the environment that Five Guys created? In my opinion, yes it was. 

Staff at the Covington, La Five Guys location
(L-R) Paul, Butch, Veronica, Jeremy, and Nikki (Gen Manager)

We finally received our order and noticed that there was a number on each item in the bag. If you look at your receipt, they have it listed as separate numbers and I thought this was a great idea. This way moms and dads or friends don't have to unwrap the mysterious wrapping to see who was getting what. If it had that number on the item, you merely looked at the receipt to see what was on it and pass it out to the expecting individual. 

Time for what us men like, to discuss the taste of the food. If you have ever eaten at a Five Guys, then you will be able to close your eyes and agree with everything I am about to say. These burgers that we ordered were as if Angels delivered them from Heaven. They were extremely succulent and juicy and cooked to order. When you unwrap your cheeseburger and see that some of the cheese is melted to the wrapper, that just means that you are about to experience something sinful. As I took my first bite, my eyes rolled into the back of my head as my taste buds experienced every seasoning that was used along with the perfect heat that a burger should be and juices flowing over the bun and running along the outside of the fingers that are grasping such a delicious work of art. It was the best burger I have ever had in my life!!! Each piece is so delectable that you scan the foil that it was wrapped in just so you won't miss a piece. I will say that the portion was big enough that one burger will satisfy a man of food loving proportions. I am 6 ft. and around 300 lbs. and I thought I would be able to handle two burgers, I was sorely mistaken. One burger and I was done. 


As I ate my scrumptious burger, I also enjoyed some of the Five Guys Cajun fries. I love how they were prepared, also in pure peanut oil, and then how they were served, in a Five Guys cup, not a menial little fry container like you may get at other fast food restaurants. This was a "Man-Sized" container of fries with seasonings that teased the tongue like a first kiss. The seasons ran over the tongue creating stimulating effect causing you to want more. 

Cajun Fries in a drinking size cup inside the bag.

If I was to give Five Guys a rating on the complete visit including: friendliness, cleanliness, quality of food, quantity of food received, and price and 10 was best and 1 was worst, I would have to give them a 25. I will never eat at another fast food restaurant and order burgers or fries again. Simply put, there is nothing in the fast food world that compares to Five Guys Burgers and Fries!!! So my suggestion for those in the Man Cave that are reading this, if you are ever near a Five Guys restaurant, stop in, unbutton your pants, have a seat and enjoy the trip that your mouth is about to experience.

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