Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cover Story Writing, a middle school Language Arts program from One Year Adventure Novel Review

I received "Cover Story" free for review purposes through the Educents blogger program and have been compensated for this review however all opinions are 100% my own.

Being homeschooling parents to 5, we are always looking for educational products to use with our children that not add to their learning but keep them engaged and interested and coming back for more. 

I recently had the opportunity to review Cover Story, a wonderful Middle School Writing Curriculum written by Daniel Schwabauer. I was so excited to have this opportunity because I have been looking for something fun and engaging for my oldest son and after reading about it, I thought it would be perfect. 

Cover Story takes middle school students on a guided tour through the universe of Story. Through the process of creating the content for their own magazine in a single school year, students are led, step by step, on a fun, thought-provoking journey of exploration and creation. They write poems, short stories, non-fiction articles, letters, and many other short pieces. They also learn to journal every day by following the creative structure of The Remarkable Journal of Professor Gunther Von Steuben. Along the way, they study not just a story's form, but its execution.

This is how Cover Story arrives! All packaged up neatly in this very ice box. 

Ta-Da! Here is everything you need for this program, all neatly tucked into the box. 

Includes: 7 DVD set, Student Book, The Remarkable Journal of Professor Gunther von Steuben, and a Teacher's Guide. 

The entire course is taught by Professor Gunther Von Steuben and is extremely easy to use. It all starts with a video 3 days a week that leads right up to an activity in the students workbook, and then writing in the leather bound journal 5 times a week. In this 7 DVD set, you have 72 Writing Lessons and 12 optional Grammar Lessons...that's right, this program is designed to be a full year program. 

I was worried that my son would get bored with the videos, but I must say, Professor Gunther Von Steuben knows what children want to see and hear. He kept my son completely engaged every time he watched one. It was not only a lot of fun for him, but he loved the different costumes hat the Professor wore, the themes and of course, the movie clips that were thrown in here and there. He not only captured your attention and drew you in, he motivates and encourages you to want to write. He is so excited that all of this is preparing him to design his own magazine with his writing in a style and theme that he chooses and he gets very excited about all of the lessons. 

I myself, loved how everything was done for me and I didn't have to sit down and figure out what to do on this day or that. This program takes care of everything for you. As a matter of fact, I only have to worry about grading everything once a unit and there are only 6 units so that leaves me time to take care of things with the other kids while he is doing the Cover Story program. 

My son thoroughly enjoys being able to write in the journal, though his favorite part of the journal itself is reading all about what Professor Gunther Von Steuben while studying human life and reporting it back to his own planet. It's a wonderful adventure that he gets to enjoy before he embarks on his own for the magazine. With the journal, students are asked to observe everything around them and write 5 questions a day pertaining to what they are observing. He loves the fact that he can be creative and let his imagination flow. 

I have greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to review Cover Story and can't wait to see how how it turns out when he is finished with the program. Watching him come alive because of this program and seeing the creativity flow through him has been amazing. 

I highly recommend the Cover Story program whether you are a homeschooler or not. To find out more about Cover Story, visit ~HERE~, to purchase your own program, ~HERE~, or if you would like to see videos and sample lessons, hop on over ~HERE~. 

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