Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review: Punisher Skull Slippers from Bunny Slippers

We are a family that loves slippers. It doesn't matter if it's during the middle of winter or the heat of the summer, we wear slippers all around the house. So you can only imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity recently to work with a company called Bunny Slippers

I had so much fun looking through their entire site. They have slippers for all ages and a huge variety of colors and characters too. 

I was able to pick out the slippers that we wanted to review and since my husband has worn his favorite camo slippers to death, I figured we would let him pick out the ones he wanted this time. 

It took several hours of browsing the Bunny Slippers site and going back and forth between slippers that my husband finally narrowed it down and made his final selection. 

He chose the "Punisher Skull Slippers". 


Aren't they cool looking? They are just manly enough for my husband but fun because my husband is still a kid at heart. 

Of course, he had to try them on as soon as they arrived. I must admit, they look great! My husbands first impression was they were soft. It took him a little bit to get used to them as the slippers he usually wears have a backing to them. 

Now that he has had a couple of weeks to wear them all around, he loves them. If he's at home, you won't see him without his "Punisher Skull Slippers". He says they have conformed very nicely to his feet which was a surprise to him as he isn't used to any of his shoes or slippers doing that. He loves that he can just slip his feet into them and fell like he has been wearing them for years. 

I have to say, I am completely shocked. My husband hardly ever wears shoes at home. He has his old camo slippers but never wore them in the couple of years that he has had them as much as he has worn the Punisher Skull Slippers from Bunny Slippers in the past 2 weeks. It's nice to see him own a pair of slippers that he enjoys so much. 

These slippers are great quality too! My husband runs all over the house and the backyard with our five children and the slippers are holding up better than some tennis shoes that I have seen. To me, that says a lot! 

Now all of my children are wanting slippers from Bunny Slippers! My son has picked out the Zombie Slippers. He's a huge Zombie fan as we all are, but insists that I must get these for his 11th birthday because they are the coolest!

My other son is having a fit over the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Slippers as he is really into TMNT! He says they are a must have to match his

My daughter is absolutely in love with the Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Slippers!

My 4 year old twin boys just can't make up their minds. They like the Fuzzy Monkey Slippers and the Bulldog Slippers. Of course, I think they would much rather have the Fuzzy Monkey Slippers but they continue to argue back and forth. 


As you can see, Bunny Slippers has your entire family covered! They have the biggest assortment of slippers available that I have ever seen. I highly recommend them for all of your slipper needs. I know they will definitely be our go to slipper store from now on. 

Bunny Slippers Website ~HERE~

Bunny Slippers on Facebook ~HERE~

Entries open on Tuesday, March 18, and close at midnight PDT on Sunday, March 23, so spread the word and don’t forget to enter!

First prize: $100 gift certificate and a pair of slippers
Second prize: $50 gift certificate and a pair of slippers
Third prize: $25 gift certificate and a pair of slippers

All entrants will receive a coupon for 10% off of March purchases!

Complete the bracket entry form by midnight PDT on March 23 by filling in the name of the slippers you think will win each matchup for every round. Make sure you fill in every matchup, especially the final round!

There are three rounds of the Slipper Showdown, and the matchup draws will be on March 24, March 26, and March 28 at 5 PM PDT. We'll be updating the bracket, tallying your points, and posting scores on our leaderboard on those days, so be sure to check back in and see how you're doing!

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  1. Oh my! My step son noah would love these!!!!

  2. Oh my! My step son noah would love these!!!!

  3. So cute I need a pair!!! I had no clue about this site checking right now.