Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crunchmaster Kids Crisps Review

Being a Mommy of 5, I am constantly trying to find new snacks for my children to change it up a little, but I want healthy stuff. I can find junk food all day long to get them, but that is not what they need and it's not what I want them to have. It's really hard to find good healthy kids snacks that they enjoy eating especially for my picky 4 year old twin boys. 

I recently had the opportunity to work with a company called Crunchmaster. I happened to run across the Crunchmaster site when I was doing a google search for healthy kids snacks one night. Boy, am I glad I did! 

Never heard of Crunchmaster? That's okay, I hadn't either. Here's a brief overview to help you learn about them. 

Happy, Healthy & Gluten Free! We know it's important to select food products you can trust, so our baking facility is certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization. This signifies that we meet the strictest standards for gluten free products.

We are committed to making gluten free foods that please your taste buds. We select high quality ingredients for our Crunchmaster crackers and bake them just right for an incredible, satisfying crunch.

Best of all, they're a nutritious choice – 100% whole grain, cholesterol free, low in sodium, low in saturated fat and with 0 grams of trans fat.

I was sent both of their products from the Kids Crisps line. Cheddar Cheezy Crisps and Cinnamon & Sugar Grammy Crisps

First let me tell you, if it has anything to do with cheese, then my children are all over it. So you can only imagine how excited they were to see a box of Cheddar Cheezy Crisps. Immediately I had to open the box and fix them a plate to share. I don't ever think I have seen my children gooble down a snack so fast and then ask for more. They absolutely loved the Cheddar Cheesy Crisps

From my 4 year old Aeric "These are the best cheese crackers ever Mama!"

My 10 year old Cody "Mom, these are awesome! We need to get some more!"

The best part, they never once realized how healthy they were for them. 

I had to see what the big deal was so I tried a handful of them. They had a very nice crunch and a wonderful robust cheddar flavor. My kids were right, they were Delicious! I have had a lot of cheese flavored crackers, my favorite being Cheez-Its, but I have to admit, the Crunchmaster Cheddar Cheezy Crisps take the top spot now. 

I love how well they are coated in cheesy goodness. It's not like you get one with a ton of flavor and another with hardly any flavor. All of the Cheddar Cheezy Crisps are completely covered and eat bite has the same robust amount of flavor. Definitely a new staple for our pantry and a snack I don't mind the kids having anytime want.

 Now for the Cinnamon & Sugar Grammy Crisps. My children love graham crackers so I just knew they would like these, but I had no idea they would LOVE them. All 5 children devoured the entire box in one day! I was lucky to be able to get any pictures of the Grammy Crisps at all. 

This time it was my 4 year old son Tyrsson that said "I Love these! Can we buy more Mama?"

My 9 year old daughter Kayleigh who is extremely picky about anything actually said "These are really good! I would like these to snack on more often.". 

As with the Cheddar Cheezy Crisps, the Cinnamon & Sugar Grammy Crisps had the wonderful overall coating making for a delicious bite each time. I was really impressed with the overall quality and flavor of both of the kids crisps and the fact that these are a really healthy snack for my children is a huge plus. I'm so happy that they loved these so much and want more. I will definitely have to stock up! 

Now that I know how awesome tasting their kids crisps are, I can't wait to try some of their multi-seed products and multi-grain crackers as they look so good and they have quite a few flavors to choose from too. 

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  1. Thanks! Now I wantch cheese crackers! I'm gonna have to find these so I can try these! Love the review!