Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vinyl Disorder Review

We are definitely a family that loves decals. We love to show our support for many different organizations such as the military, law enforcement, Cancer awareness, etc... With us being such a big supporter of decals and organizations, we love to place stickers on our vehicle to show others who we support and find those that have the same interest. Well, we were lucky enough to be able to do a product review for Vinyl Disorder, who does vinyl sticker designs for your home or your vehicle. They gave us a choice of what we would like and me being the big Zombie Apocalypse fanatic that I am, I chose the Zombie Outbreak Response Team Vinyl.

When I ordered this item, I wanted to go big and because of that, I went just a little to big for my vehicle and had to adjust and placed it on my wall. Below are various shots from beginning to end of placement of our Zombie Outbreak Response Team Vinyl Disorder Vinyl Sticker.

Receipt of our Z.O.R.T Vinyl Size 36"
 The packaging was excellent. The graphic came in a rolled cardboard tube along with the vinyl scraper to help in the process. Trust me, if you go big, thank your lucky stars that you get a scraper to go along with the product. On to a few more pictures.

The wall we designated for placement.

Centering is adjusted and we started to scrape the product on to the wall.

Almost there. This is a tedious project. You have to take your time.

As you can see, we have the initial placement done and are ready to peel the front protective layer from the vinyl. This is also a tedious process and you MUST take your time.

The finished product is on the wall and it looks great!!! Vinyl Disorder has all kinds of graphics you can choose from for cars, trucks...any vehicle and your own walls. If you wanted to decorate your room or your child's room, they have multiple graphics pertaining to the same topic or you can switch it up. For those of you that love showing of your cars while cruising, these graphics will definitely turn the heads and you will be the receiver of envy. If you are in a Car Club and want to show off your graphics, Vinyl Disorder also does custom T-Shirts to match. They even have Glow in the Dark graphics if you want to stand out and above the crowd. Vinyl Disorder is truly awesome at showing off your interests. Their customer service is right there to help you as you shop with any questions that you have. In fact, they pop up in a chat screen a few seconds after you start looking. If you have any questions, they will answer them right then and there. What's even cooler about the customer service is that this is not an automated computer generating answers, these are real people.

So, here is our Final Product on display.

Now I have to go and order one for my vehicle now that I have the correct measurements...LOL

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MnC Review would like to take a moment to Thank Vinyl Disorder for allowing us a chance to test and review one of their products. With the support from companies such as this, we are able to open up a new customer base for them and show you beforehand something real. Thank You to Vinyl Disorder for your GREAT product and WONDERFUL customer service!!!!

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  1. Wow that is a big decal!There is so many to choose from and I saw a lot that I love.

  2. Kathy Lane, not only do you have their choices, but you can also send them a graphic and they will be more than happy to set it up and allow you to customize it the way you want. They truly are wide open to choices and the hardest part is deciding which one you want to go with. But, at their great low prices, you can afford to go with more than one.

  3. That is a huge decal! It looks great, and talk a about a conversation piece! I really like that you can't tell that it is a decal, it's like it's part of the wall!

  4. Omg! This is something my hubby needs! He is a business owner. His white van needs a decal on the side of it really bad for advertisement. This is perfect!

  5. wow!! thats a huge decal. I love that it comes in a rolled tube to prevent damaging. This would be awesome for a man cave, especially printed with something my husband likes

  6. These are so cool!! I want one!! thanks for the review!!! and giveaway!!

  7. That is a cool decal! Just one question. Have you taken it off the wall yet?

    1. No we haven't Christina as we have no plans to take it off for the time being. I have had to pull some of it up and re-adjust because our 3 year old twins love to mess with it, but have had no issues whatsoever. It doesn't leave a sticky residue or mess up the paint in anyway. These are the best decals that I have ever used.

  8. Holy cow that sticker is so you guys! Do not let gilbert see it or he will want it!!!! Amazing review!

  9. I love that took pics an walked me thru step by step explaing each step an the difficulty of it...this was an A+ review...thank you

  10. I just have to say that these things are amazing!! I cannot show my boyfriend the zombie outbreak one because he'd want to put it on our bedroom wall LOL! I really want to get the glow in the dark stars and put them all over my ceiling, that would look so cool at night!

  11. I would love a tree of life type one to hang over my bed ツ

  12. They have an enormous selection and I like that they can customize as well.