Thursday, August 15, 2013

Skoy Cloth Review

Are you constantly going through roll after roll of paper towels for cleaning? Are you spending more money than you should to keep replacing sponges? 

I constantly have a brand new package of sponges in my kitchen cabinet at all times because I am constantly going through them. I don't like to keep re-using the same sponge over and over again. Let's face it, no matter how you try to disinfect a sponge, it's just not going to happen. 

Paper towels are not used for cleaning in my house. They are used every so often to wipe a mouth during lunch or dinner, occasionally to dry my hands real quick, or to wipe up a small spill. They are not a cost efficient item for a household of 7. Not to mention, the tear and shred before you can even get the job halfway done.

Cleaning wipes are awesome, but oh so expensive. Especially when you clean like I do. I can go through a whole canister in one 30 minute cleaning. Needless to say, the bill definitely adds up on that one. 

I have finally found a cloth that I am absolutely in love with. 

Skoy Cloth is an environmental advance in cleaning cloths. This European made product is 100% biodegradable and is made from a unique blend of natural cotton and wood-pulp cellulose. Skoy Cloth is non-toxic, chlorine-free and made using water-based colors and inks. Skoy utilizes original artwork designs to add fun as well as function to your house. 

Skoy Cloth is a reusable product due to its amazing durability. Using one Skoy cloth is the equivalent to using 15 rolls of paper towels in an average home. With the high cost of paper towels, Skoy cloth is the obvious choice for your wallet and the environment. 

When I first received the Skoy cloth of course I was very skeptical about how it would help me to save money while cleaning. After my first use of Skoy cloth, I was hooked. No more paper towels, sponges or cleaning rags for me. 

All I had to do was wet the cloth, wring out the excess water and get to work. I could use cleaning products along with the cloth or just use water. I went with just water for my bar mainly due to the fact that my little ones are always putting their hands on it and I didn't want any chemicals to transfer to their little hand to later be put in their mouth. 

I was amazed! My bar was clean and I had only used this one little cloth and water. The best part about it....are you ready for this? 

I just threw it in the washing machine. That's right! Skoy cloths are dishwasher, washer and dryer safe. You can also microwave it for 1-2 minutes while wet, but I chose the washer/dryer option. Once dry, it was ready for use all over again. 

M next chore for the Skoy cloth was the bathroom. I know, scary right? Well, not with Skoy. I took 3 cloths and my cleaning products, because I don't like to use the same cleaning tool on my sink, tub and toilet. That's just disgusting to me.  First was the bathroom sink and counter. Job done in under 5 minutes and everything sparkled. Now for the tub. Awesome job getting it sprayed and wiped down very easily without worrying about shreds of paper towels everywhere or constantly having to wash out a sponge. Lat but not least, I wiped down the whole outside of the toilet and lid...everything was done in under 20 minutes and all I had to do wash store the cleaning products and throw the cloths in the washer. Job Well Done!

I had to try these awesome little cloths on one last thing before I could fully write my review. How would they fair with glass? Would they leave streaks or lint? So off to work on my sliding glass doors to our backyard. You know, the door with all the little hand prints on it, because its so much easier to slide open with their hands all over the windows than by using the handle. After a few sprays of vinegar, since I dislike anything with harmful chemicals anywhere near where my little ones hands go, I wiped the glass down. NO STREAKS and NO LINT left behind. Oh I am one happy woman :)

To find out more about Skoy Cloth, click HERE

Skoy also has a fundraising program for schools.

In response to inquires from local schools about raising environmental awareness through fundraising, Skoy has created a fundraising opportunity.

We have created a customized print for school fundraising, which we combine with 5 regular colorful Skoy cloths into to an unique 6-pack. .

The children will sell each pack for $10, of which $4 will go to the fundraising. Consequently, the school will purchase each pack for $6. That is a 40% gross profit for your school!

To find out more about Skoy's Fundraising Program, click HERE

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  1. I keept seeing your links for these so curiousity got the best of me. At first reading I thought they were like the shammie clothes but after reading more they are a combination of that and a paper towel! That is, from what I was understanding, they will last as long as 15 rolls!