Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BuildASign.com review

I have recently been given a chance to review a bumper magnet for BuildASign.com. When we were told that we could choose any design or upload our own and then design it as we saw fit, we jumped on it. As we went through the website, there were enormous amounts of choices at our fingertips. What does this mean for you? If you have a business, they have something that is 100% customizable for you.

As I stated, they are 100% Customizable, so this means, you can add your own graphic design, choose the colors, how the graphic appears on the magnet, etc... It truly is completely your choice.

If you provide a service, such as lawn maintenance, you're not left out either, they have signs that can accommodate you as well.

I do however apologize for the blurriness on the page, it is because we are trying to show you the detail that can be done. The clear crispness that you will receive is 1000 times better than what these pictures show. 

Our Zombie Magnet, size 3" x 10" 

Me being a Zombie Apocalypse fanatic decided to go with one of there pre-made designs, but I customized it to my own wants and needs. I changed the colors, maneuvered the "zombie" image to where I wanted, placed the recticle over the head of the zombie and then added the "bio-hazard" symbol behind the letters. You can even clear out the pre-made text and add your own.

You really are in control of what you want your magnet, business card, sign, banner, bumper sticker, license plate, etc.. to look like.
You are NOT just limited to one item, their website is there to help you design the perfect creation that you desire.

Below are a few pictures showing our "magnets" in different places on our own vehicle.
On the back tailgate of our mini-van.

On the drivers side of our minivan. (Hey, that's us in the background...LOL)

How many of us are political in nature and are happy or upset at how the current political administration is running our government? How many of us want to support our local person running for office? Well, BuildASign.com allows you the opportunity to show that support or disdain.

Once again, let me apologize for the blurriness, these are stock images and not our personal images.

BuildASign.com has done it, they have created a website that allows you to be as creative as your own imaginative boundaries allow. If you can think it up, you can create it on BuildASign.com.

MnC Review would like to take this opportunity to Thank BuildASign.com for their generosity in allowing us to review their products and share them with you, the consumer. Thank you for being there if we needed the help and Thank You for a GREAT product!!!

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  1. I like that they have so many options. You can either promote your business or get on just for fun.