Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Devil's Due Bluray Review

We are huge movie fans and love all types of movies, by my favorite movies are horror, so you could only imagine my excitement when I found out Devil's Due was on it's way to me for a review. While the trailer didn't give away too much in details, it still peaked my interest because, well, it's a horror movie and the Devil Baby prank that everyone heard so much about really sparked a lot of interest in this movie. 

My Thoughts:

Of course, I had to had a movie night as soon as I received my copy of Devil's Due. First, it's filmed in first person, which is alright with me because I am used to that and see it more and more these days. 

In the beginning, I really thought it was going to be a really good movie especially considering it is a 20th Century Fox Film, but sad to say, this movie really disappointed me. The story was not all that good as it could have used a lot more details to explain the story itself so the viewer wasn't left in the dark about what was going on. The whole movie is about a newly married couple who find out they are expecting a baby a lot earlier than they had planned after returning from their honeymoon. Come to find out after the wife starts acting extremely weird and the husband goes back over the honeymoon videos, they are supposedly carrying the Anti-Christ after being part of a sacrifice. 

While I will admit that a few of the scenes were great, the whole movie lacked so much. I honestly felt like I was watching an extremely low budget movie. The dialogue was pretty much the same thing over and over throughout the entire movie with a few different things thrown in here and there. 

If you are one of those that followed the whole Devil Baby prank incidents gearing up for Devil's Due, sad to say, you never once even see the baby in the movie. We come to the scene where the baby is born and then the movie ends, without any warning or more details, which leaves me to believe their may be a Devil's Due part 2....

While I am not saying that the whole movie is a waste because it's not, it does have it moments that hold your attention wondering what is going to happen next, it just really disappointed me and I was hoping for more.  I have seen mixed emotions on this movie where some like it and some don't, it's all up to the individual person, but as for me and my husband, we didn't care too much for it. Maybe the more will come with a second movie...only time will tell.

If you are wanting to grab a copy, head on over to Amazon! 

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