Monday, March 3, 2014

Juil Vista Sandals Review

I'm one of those women that absolutely loves sandals, whether its summer time with the sun brightly shining or below freezing with snow on the ground. It doesn't matter to me because I am most comfortable in sandals. I hate for my feet to be covered up, even when I am sleeping. Sandals are my best friend as far as shoes go. 

SO when I had the opportunity to work with this awesome company called Juil. I was so excited! I had never heard of Juil until I became a blogger and I had no idea what I was missing out on. Let me tell you a little bit about Juil for those that have never had the chance to experience their shoes. 

The concept behind all of Juil's shoes is connect you more to the earth and feel as though you are walking around barefoot even though you have on shoes. All of Juil's shoes are made with "Energy Flow Technology", which are these really cool little copper compounds implanted into the souls of each and every shoe. Why do they use the "Energy Flow Technology"? It is believed that when you are more connected to the earth, it helps to restore your bodies natural balance of energy. 

Being a mommy of 5, I can definitely use all of the energy I can get, so I was really excited and could not wait for the arrival of my Juil sandals once I picked them out. I chose the Juil Vista's in Black.

The arrival of my package!!! First off, I love the way the box is designed, but we are here to talk about the sandals, so I won't bore you with my impressions of the box. I do love it though!
Are you ready to see what's inside? 

Tada!!! Aren't they beautiful? Did I mention that black is my favorite color for shoes? Well, it is! I was so excited, but also a little hesitant as well. I have a high arch, so I typically do not wear anything flat. I always make sure my shoes and sandals have some kind of heel to them. 

See the copper conductors? I was a little concerned that they may get on my nerves as I am not used to having something like that in my shoes at all. They are really neat looking though! 

Now that I have shown you how beautiful they are and a little bit about them, you are probably wondering how they feel. As I explained, I was very hesitant, but couldn't wait to try them out. Most times with sandals, it takes a little bit of breaking in before they are actually comfortable on your feet. Not with the Juil Vista

I slipped my feet right into them and oh, were they comfortable. It was like slipping on a well worn pair of my favorite sandals. They weren't tight and they didn't rub at all. I didn't even notice the copper conductors which is really surprising. 

I was also shocked at how comfortable my feet were in them as they are flats and I m not at all used to that, but it didn't bother my high arches at all. I literally wore these for hours with no issues at all. You would have actually though that I had been wearing the Juil Vista's for years. 

I can't say whether or not they gave me more energy, even though I did feel more energized and ready to go, I am not sure if that was from the Juil Vista's themselves or just my excitement over having new shoes. 

Whether I was walking around the house, through the mall or just out and about in the desert, it didn't matter. The Juil Vista's felt extremely comfortable and I noticed that I could walk for longer periods too without my feet or legs bothering me. Not too mention, they go with anything, whether you are wearing your favorite jeans around town, wearing your sundress at the restaurant or just relaxing at home in your yoga pants. 

Needless to say, I loved the way they looked and felt. I received quite a few compliments on them as well. Not only from my husband but also while out shopping or at the restaurant. 

While I do not wear my Juil Sandals everyday, they have become part of my wardrobe and I wear them several times a week. 

To learn more about Juil and to see all of the shoes they offer, check out their website

Juil on Facebook

Juil on Twitter

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