Monday, February 24, 2014

Reebok: All ZigUltra Shoes for $35!

OMG I can't believe this AMAZING sale that Reebok has going right now! Do not pass this up!!!

ZigUltra shoes start at $65 for kids and go all the way up to $109 for adults. This is way to good to miss! 

Sale: All Reebok ZigUltra's are $35 with promo code: ZIGULTRA
Dates: Monday, February 24 - Friday, February 28
Text Link: ZigUltra & ZIGULTRA
Promo Code: ZIGULTRA

Reebok ZigUltra's for $35

This is definitely the deal of the day! Reebok is offering its popular ZigUltra for $35 with the promo code ZIGULTRA . Is that amazing or what? They have multiple colors to choose from and this sale extends to Men's, Women's and Kid's don't be shy! The shoes are pictured below, but you can check them out here: ZigUltra . Don't forget to use the promo code ZIGULTRA at checkout!

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