Friday, February 14, 2014

Bear Paws Giveaway

Bear Claw is an amazing new kitchen tool you will want to make yummy shredded anything! As well as Donating 10% of all sells of the Pink Bear Paws to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation.

The amazing company at Bear Paws and Oh My Goodies are bringing you this giveaway for your choice of color of Bear Paws. There is also 7 winners! Come and try your luck for one of the 7 Bear Paws!

If you are anything like our family, then you are constantly shredding some type of food. Whether it's chicken and steak for a quesadilla, pork for pulled pork sandwiches, chicken for homemade chicken salad, or your favorite meat for soups, chili's, etc...then you definitely need the Bear Claw. 

This is a very handy gadget that I would love to have in my kitchen. It would make so many things less time consuming and much easier. 

To read the review on Bear Paws, check it out ~> HERE <~
Make sure to enter and come back and do the daily entry to have a better chance to win! 

MnC Reviews is not responsible for the shipping of prize. Bear Paws will be shipping the winners their prize. Oh My Goodies will be picking of winner. To make sure the winning email is seen in your inbox, add For more rules of the Sweepstakes, head on over ~> HERE <~


  1. I love that they support Breast Cancer! There can never be too many supporters of this great cause!!