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Bob Books Review

Do you have children that love to read? I am an avid reader and want to instill that same love of reading into all 5 of my children. I have had a passion for reading since I was a young girl and hope it passes on. Reading is not only a learning tool that will help them greatly but it also allows their creativity to flow as well. They can dive so deeply into a story that they imagine they are actually part of it. The adventures are their own. 

I recently had a chance to review a wonderful set of books for beginning readers from Bob Books

Bob Books came about as a result of teacher Bobby Lynn Maslen’s careful attention to the specific needs of children learning to read for the very first time.

As a teacher at the Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Oregon, Bobby’s work with 3 to 5 year-olds involved constant invention in art, math games, physical growth activities and, of course, reading materials. When she didn’t find books that she felt were interesting enough for her young students, she created Bob Books.

Our twins are 3 years old, so this was the perfect opportunity for us. We received the Bob Books Rhyming Words Set.  I was so excited when the package arrived and couldn't wait to see what was in store my little guys. 

Bob Books came in this really cute little box designed just the right size for my little ones to hold and carry around.

Rhyming words make reading easier and more fun for kids that are just getting started. When rhyming words are included in a story, they make sounding out (decoding) easier. Kids have reading success sooner and faster, build confidence, and they have fun too.

•  With mostly two and three letter words, Bob Books Rhyming Words is suitable for the very beginning reader.

•  Phonics based – most words can be sounded out.

•  Our rhyming words have endings that are spelled the same (no kite with light)

•  Rhyming words are interspersed throughout, so the story is told in a conversational tone.

•  For extra learning support, each book focuses on one short vowel. For example, Hen in the Den focuses on the EN family, but also includes eggs, nest and went for extra short-e practice.

•  40 word family puzzle cards for fun rhyming words games

Book title and rhyme ending (word family):

AN – Dan’s PlanAM – Cam’s SnackEN – The Hen in the DenED – The Red SledIP -  Drip, Drip, DripIN – Lin in the BinOG – The Dog in the FogOT – The SpotUFF – In a HuffUG – Bug and Pug

Look how neatly everything is packaged right inside and very easily accessible whether I want to take them out or the children do. Don't let this fool you as this little package is chock full of awesome reading tools for your beginning reader. 

This package includes 10 books that are 12 pages each and 40 Rhyming Word Puzzle Cards. The books and cards are great quality, the colors are perfect and the illustrations are so creative that they will keep any child entertained and they won't even realize that they are learning.

As you can see, the illustrations are not overrun with lots of colors to cause distraction. The text is short and simple. In my opinion, this makes it so much easier for the little ones to learn. A lot of books today focus more on brightly colored drawings that take the attention off of what they children are actually supposed to be learning.

My twins love these books and cards. The make reading time and learning so much easier for them and they have so much fun. These books are very well put together and perfect for my little ones. I was a little worried that because they were paperback that they would easily become destroyed, but so far, we haven't had any issues. The cards are even holding up very nicely considering that they are constantly being handled by 2 very active 3 year olds.

Bob Books have quite a few different products to help your beginning readers.

Set 1: Beginning Readers:
This is our bestselling first reader, introduced 35 years ago and used by millions of children. If your child knows the alphabet, Bob Books Set 1 is the book to start him or her on the path to reading.

Many early readers contain words that are too difficult for a child who has just learned the sounds of the alphabet. Not these books! Using only the letters M, A, T and S, children can read their first book. Kids love the stories and funny pictures, and can't wait to read them to everybody they know.

The books in Bob Books Set 2 provide your new reader with more material at the beginning level.  These twelve stories in three- and four-letter words will build confidence through practice. Simple text combined with slightly longer stories build reading stamina. Elements of humor and surprise keep children’s interest high.

Add Bob Books Set 2 to your collection for invaluable beginning reading practice.  Reading this foundation set ensures children have mastered basic phonics before they advance to consonant blends.

Along with many more that can be found HERE.

They also have several Reading Apps that can be found HERE

To learn more about Bob Books or to purchase, click HERE

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MnC Reviews would like to Thank Bob Books for the wonderful opportunity to review a set of their reading books. 


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