Saturday, August 3, 2013

Zipz Shoe Review

I don't know about anybody else out there, but I like shoes, and for a guy to say that, many people might look at him funny. I love running shoes, work boots, tactical boots, cowboy boots, etc... but here lately, I have found a new love.

Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to sample a pair of Zipz Shoes. If your old enough, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say they resemble the old "Chuck Taylors". They started back in the days of "White Shadow". I guess I'm showing my age now....LOL

Hi-Top Skull Rose design

Anyways, As I said, I was lucky enough to review some of these Zipz Shoes.

 I have to say, they are probably the most comfortable shoes I have owned in a long time and the best part is, they come in all kinds of designs. The soft sole allows for great comfort and great arch support. As I grew up, I had flat feet and these shoes can help to correct that. I love the style!!! I love being able to have the choice of matching my shoe design to my mood and then changing them if my day changes. You can go to work in the whiteouts, and then hit the skatepark in one of many designs that fits your wants.

 They have low tops, slip-ons and the old school high tops. I had to save the best for last. Why are they called Zipz?

These shoes unzip around the sole and you can interchange the design all by unzipping the one design and placing a Zipz Cover in place of it. This means that you can wear the same, but different pair of shoes each day. 

Patented Technology +
Durable YKK Zippers +

Foot Arch Support System +

Extra Padded Footbed +

Soft, pliable Rubber soul with hand–tooled construction to give your feet the comfort and quality they deserve in every day shoes.

Zipz Shoes is a proud footwear partner of The X Games.

You can match any Zipz “Cover” with the same size Zipz Soul to create one of a kind mix + match shoes to suit whatever mood you’re in.  Not to mention buying Zipz Covers is easier on the wallet then buying more full pairs of shoes so adding to your footwear collection is a zip!  Whether it’s fashion, function, or fun Zipz shoes have it covered.

Change your shoes. Change yourself. 
Change your world!

They are made for adults and we are sorry to say that right now, they don't carry children's sizes.  

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  1. These shoes are so old school cool! Thanks for the review!!

  2. I don't think I've seen shoes like this before. What a neat concept!