Sunday, August 4, 2013

United States Marine Corps "Scout Sniper" Patch Review

As a Marine, I was placed in an MOS (Military Occupational Status) that was, lets say, not of my choosing. As I entered the Marine Corps, I wanted to be a Combat Engineer, meaning, I wanted to go out and find IED's, bombs, etc... to keep our travelling brothers out of harms way so that they could accomplish their mission, what ever mission that being. From there, I wanted to go into Marine Force Recon and become a "Scout Sniper". Since my MOS did not allow that, I was never afforded that opportunity.

So what did I do? I taught myself how to become one of the world's most feared hunting group, a Sniper. I have had many days at the range teaching myself how to dial in on my sight and account for windage and spindrift. Anyways, since I carried the want of being a Marine Sniper in my heart, I purchased a patch from Military Best, which makes the MOS patch. Even though I am not a certified "Scout Sniper", I do support them and wear them proudly on my biker vest.

As you can see from the picture above, the quality of this patch was phenomenal!!! I wish that there was a way for me to incorporate 3-D technology so that you can examine it with your own eyes, but this is the smoothest, tightest wrapped patch that I have EVER owned. There are no tears, no missing spots of thread, the letters, designs and numbers are clean and crisp. This is one of the best, most professional patches I have ever owned.

If you are Former military or Active or Inactive, Retired, etc... and you want your gear to have that "squared away" look, I suggest you check out Military Best.
They are a family owned company made up of Bob and Lisa Freeman along with their children Rob and Ramsey and it shows when you receive your items in the mail. They have been making Great Quality products for over 10 years.

So being family owned, what does that say? These items are also "American Made". In this day and age, it's hard to find anyone that makes actual items in the U.S.A anymore. Don't support Foreign spending, Support American Families that have American Businesses!!!

Military Best can be found on Amazon only!!!


  1. I have never been in the military,but my son was.These are nice patches.

  2. I will have to check them out being a Veteran also. I also want thank you for your service!