Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: Scott's Liquid Gold Dust N Go

Do you have a lot of wood products in your home? I certainly do, especially in my kitchen as we have cabinets all around.

Have trouble keeping them clean or just don't know where to start? Look no further as I have the perfect product for you. 

I was recently given the opportunity to review a product from Scott's Liquid Gold. Have you ever heard of them? I hadn't until I was given this opportunity. 

Scott's Liquid Gold is an American manufacturing and distribution company whose clear and focused intent is to offer the best, most innovative and high quality products at the most reasonable prices possible.

At a time when so many companies are succumbing to the "get it done cheaper" pressures, Scott's Liquid Gold stands firm in its belief that American manufacturing can be a force to be reckoned with.

With 5 children, the easier it is to clean something, the better for me. I hate having to lug around spray bottles, cleaning rags, etc...just to get the chores done. So when I received the package from Scott's Liquid Gold and opened it, I was one happy woman. 


20 generously sized pre-moistened wipes
Quick, easy, convenient dusting & light polishing for wood & more. Disposable, durable, lint-free, wax-free. Perfect for dusting touch-ups on most surfaces, including plastic, leather and vinyl. Removes dust, dirt, fingerprints and smudges. Leaves no oily or dulling residue. Almond scented.

There is nothing better than having your cleaning cloths and products already together in one container making it much easier for me to carry one container and get the job done. 

Scott's Liquid Gold Dust 'n Go is so easy to use and convenient. Not only do they get the job done, very well I might add, but they leave a nice pleasant almond scent on my cabinets. Several days after using them and my cabinets are clean, shiny and still carry a light almond scent on them.

I even used them on my stainless steel refrigerator. With 5 children, little hands leave prints everywhere, but Scott's Liquid Gold Dust 'n Go wiped them right off. I was so shocked...NO SMUDGES or STREAKS left behind. 

Scott's Liquid Gold is truly GOLD!!!

Scott's Liquid Gold products:

Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preservative
Scott's Liquid Gold Dust 'n Go
Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash - Concentrate
Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash - Ready-to-Use

They also carry Clean Screen Products for all of your electronics and Touch of Scent super concentrated air fresheners. 

To see their complete line of products, head over HERE

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MnC Reviews would like to Thank Scott's Liquid Gold for allowing us to review a product.


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