Saturday, August 10, 2013


If you are anything like me, then you LOVE lip gloss. My biggest issue though is not ever being able to find it. I always keep several in my purse, in the drawers in the bathroom and even my office desk. But whenever I did around in my massive purse, it takes awhile to get through everything to finally get my hands on my lip gloss. I'm not always around my desk or upstairs, so constantly keeping up with it is a big problem. 

I finally found the perfect solution! No longer do I have to dig around in my purse or even through drawers. My lip gloss is always on hand no matter where I am at. I can get to it in a matter of seconds. How awesome is that? 

I know you are probably sitting there trying to figure out how in the world I am able to do this, but don't worry, because I am about to share it with you. 

Are you ready?

The only place in the world you can purchases these FAB glosses is at Justice Shops.

Available in 17 different initial letters and a peace sign, 3 different color and flavor variations are available - Cotton Candy(turquoise), Bubblegum (light pink), and Grape (purple).

Each design is beautifully crystallized with high sparkling glitter initials or peace signs, you can choose from 17 letters or a peace sign design.

The lip glosses can easily be clipped on to a belt, pocket or school bag for quick and easy access.

These glosses solve the lost lip gloss dilemma, never search for your gloss again!

The formula used is a soft non sticky formula that is comparable to a high grade prestige lip gloss.

Not just a lip gloss but is also a fashion  accessory.

You can interchange your YOYOs, connect your blue gloss to your purple YOYO Reel!

As soon as I received my package, my daughter ran over an laid claim to one. She has been wearing it on her outfit constantly. She hooks it to the front of her shirt, the pocket on her pants or even her purse strap. She LOVES them. Not only are they an awesome lip gloss, but they smell so good too!

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  1. I've seen these and thought tget wiuld make great stocking stuffers at Christmas!