Thursday, August 8, 2013

Book Review: Stone Cold Charade

Stone Cold Charade is a Contemporary Romance..Top 100 Free Best Sellers in Contemporary Romance on Amazon. Viewed as a throw back to books of old where you can actually get caught up in the characters...jump right into their lives and feel as they do. All the while laughing out-loud at the zany things that get tossed into their find love....It is a full novel with over 262 pages...

     Born into a family of immense wealth, Alexandra Stone challenges her legacy by leading a secret double life as an international superstar. Escaping hounding reporters, she is stunned to discover her past has tracked her down in the form of her teenage nemesis that is responsible for the enigma she now is. With so many lies between them can she keep track of them all?

     Ex-special ops commander Ty Philips, summoned to handle the threat of rustlers, suspects the problem Maximillion wants him to handle is his spirited granddaughter. He launches his own
personal mission to get her in his bed if only temporarily. But, the danger to her and the ranch jeopardizes everything, as does his conscience at seducing the boss's granddaughter yet again.

     Struggling to rekindle the passion that burned in their past, they set ablaze a raging new path for both of them in the present. Each afraid that their own secrets could destroy what they've started, causing it to go up in smoke. Could they handle the inferno and the consequences of igniting

About the Author:

Kathleen Royce started to write at the age of fifteen. Wanting to follow in her father's footsteps, she went to work at the Los Angeles Times in Southern California. Finishing her education, she moved to live closer to her Grandmother in Southern Oregon. Having always been in love with the thought of cowboys, she found hers in her husband. She now makes her home in Shady Cove, where she is raising her two daughters and her husband. 

Always in love with romance, she started to pursue that avenue in writing about the zany Stone family. She is excited at the prospect of sharing their stories with her readers by now offering them electronically on Amazon. Where in the pages of the first book in the Stone Cold Series, Stone Cold Charade you meet Maximillion Stone, a grandfather, with a crazy plan to marry off his granddaughters, any way he can.
Her only regret is that her Grandmother, who taught her to follow her dreams, and her Father, who challenged her to be the best she could be at writing, did not live to see the fulfillment of seeing Maximillion marry off all five of his granddaughters. But she knows, through her beliefs, they are cheering her on. And she hopes that her writing inspires others to dream, both while getting lost in her novels and in their daily lives. 

I had the opportunity to review this book when it first came out in 2012 and I fell in love with the Stone Family and Kathleen's writing skills. She draws you into the story and keeps you there. 

This was my review on Amazon after reading Stone Cold Charade:

I was finally able to sit down and start reading this the other night and I have to say WOW!!! I couldn't put it down until I was done at 7 the next morning. That's right; I was so caught up in the lives of the Stone Sisters that I had to stay up all night to find out how it ended. I'm sitting on pins and needles awaiting the next book!!! Kuddos to the author for writing such a heartwarming romance with plenty of humor thrown in.

I am sharing this book and review with all of our wonderful fans because Kathleen has done it again...she is getting ready for the release of her second book "Stone Cold Legacy". Not only am I excited for Kathleen for bringing us the continuation into the Stone Family lives, but I get to see what Max is up to this time around :) 

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  1. I love to read,and this sounds like a book I would be interested in reading.

  2. I love reading but really limit myself as I tend to forget everything but the book lol. Will check her out! Thanks for the review!