Friday, July 26, 2013


We, here at MnC Reviews, have been given an opportunity to review a Visa Pre-paid Credit/Debit card for I will have to say that choosing our card was one of the easiest processes that I have ever encountered. The website has numerous pages of designs that can be printed on your card. If your a hunter, like me, then they have all kinds of different scenes with animals and Camo. If you are a promoter or supporter of cures such as Breast Cancer Awareness or Aids Awareness, they have designs for you as well. If you want to show your specific countries pride, they have tons of states and countries to choose from. has 33 pages of card designs for you to choose from. These are just a few of their choices available.

They have multitudes of choices and to be honest, it was rather hard to decide on just one. I had to narrow my choices down to three and then from there, one. As a former Marine, I chose to go with the "Constitution" design shown below.

As I said, we received the Visa Pre-paid card and it comes deactivated, so you will have to activate it once you receive it. 

The activation process was so easy and quick. I think I had my card activated within 30 seconds. You have two choices for activation, you can call and have your card activated or you can go online to and activate it there, which was my choice of activation process.

So, how does the process work? First, you have to choose your design. It is 100% Approved and there are NO CREDIT CHECKS. Second, Set up with direct deposit, load with cash at Western Union, or transfer from Paypal or your bank account. Finally, once you receive your card in the mail, which takes approximately 7 days, "stand out and get noticed with the coolest prepaid card on the planet. Shop everywhere Visa Debit is accepted, and enjoy the convenience of 24/7 cash access at ATM's worldwide; Your card is safe and secure, with Visa Zero Liability Protection and 100% FDIC insurance.". 

These would make a great gift to a loved one, college bound students, family overseas, anyone really and the fact that you can design according to their likes is just a bonus. I have never dealt with a company that made it so easy to start enjoying that whimsical time for just you. Design your card, Load your card and then Enjoy your card, it's that simple.

So how simple was it to use after activation? It was a snap. No issues and no problems. It was fast, simple and easy. This truly is a great way to shop and show your interests while doing so.

MnC Reviews would like to Thank for allowing us the opportunity to review one of their cards with our own choice of design!!!!

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