Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bring the Dead to your dinner table with Zombie-Opoly!

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We are finally getting close to the time of year that I love most; Halloween. Everything around this time of year revolves around making people scream out of fear. Ghouls, goblins, and vampires just don’t do the trick anymore; today it’s all about devising the craziest, goriest costume ever. 

Each year, my wife and I have researched different ways to make ourselves stand out more and have even gotten involved in doing our own special effects make-up. But, what about when the days leading up to Halloween? Sure, you have to get your home decked out with the webs and the animated zombies that leap out of their graves in search of blood. There are still times when you are at a standstill and these times call for playing games with the kids.

It is no secret that I am an avid lover of Monopoly. I must warn you, I am extremely competitive, and so when I lose out on “Park Place” or “Boardwalk”, I get a little upset. Well, I found a great spin on Monopoly that helps bring in the Halloween spirit; it’s called “Zombie-Opoly”. The general consensus is that it still harbors the same rules as regular classic Monopoly, but it puts a zombie themed snap to it.

The "REAL" way the game of Monopoly ends!!

Instead of passing “Go”, you shuffle past the starting point, but don’t worry; you still get to collect your $200. However, in this brain seeking game, you no longer have the opportunity to “Go to Jail”, now you are “Buried” scraping for air, hoping to see the light of day as your crypt becomes your new home. Following the rules of classic Monopoly, the individual that has found him/herself “Buried” has three chances to roll doubles and if they do not get their doubles, they have to pay the overrun infested blood suckers in the “blood bank”…not too much difference than what actually goes on in normalized society.

Instead of trying to gain the Railroads from yesteryear, in Zombie-Opoly you are trying to collect the four different spaces which are labeled: “VooDoo”, “Virus Outbreak”, “Pandemic”, and “Mad Science”. And if we all remember “Park Place” and “Boardwalk”, they no longer exist in the Zombie Apocalypse. Now, players will compete to get “The Horde” and “Dr. Aikenhead” (Aching Head).

As you round the board, there are numerous creatively designed spaces and instead of drawing “Chance” cards, you now have to draw “Stagger” and “Crawl” cards. One other change is the iconic pieces that designate who you are on the board. No longer is there a race car or an old shoe; now you are defined by a Hammer, Shovel, Femur Bone, Rotting Ear, Sneaker, and the one item that everyone will be fighting for, the Zombie Boy. Instead of developing homes in the properties that a player owns, now they are lucky enough to place boxes of flesh and screaming humans on their owned areas.

The concept of that game is still the same, but with Zombie-Opoly, players can now embrace their psychopathic and schizophrenic sides without being judged. To make this game more fun, hook up a few strobes lights and a fog machine and set the environment. Nothing will get you in the holiday spirit faster than conjuring up those that are prevalent to walk the Earth on the Day of the Dead. 

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